First Quarter 2003

All Day Saturday-Sunday Hikes

Hike Ratings
First Letter Second Letter
Distance Elevation Gain
AA: Over 12 miles AA: Over 2,000 ft.
A: 9-12 miles A: 1,500-2,000 ft.
B: 6-9 miles B: 1,000-1,500 ft.
C: Under 6 miles C: Under 1,000 ft.
Also in the hike descriptions, the terms easy, moderate or strenuous reflect the overall trail conditions, the physical challenge and other factors influencing hike difficulty. If you have questions, CONTACT THE LEADER.

Tom Sanders with assistance of Bruce Bente, 692-0116, bbente@cytechusa.com. Driving distance is round-trip from Asheville. All Saturday and Sunday hikes assemble at Westgate Shopping Center near Commercial Credit Corp. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.


ALL DAY No.A0301-202  Jan. 19
Dupont Forest Explorer 8:30 AM
Hike 8, Drive 60, Rated B-B
Rusty Breeding 692-0359, bree@ioa.com
Note later starting time. A moderate hike, close to home and at low elevation for our coldest month. It will cover trails not covered in other recent CMC hikes and will include Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Julian. Second meeting place at the Dupont State Forest main entrance parking lot on Dupont Rd. at 9:15 AM. Map: Dupont Forest trails, and Topo: Standingstone Mtn.

SATURDAY No.A0301-131  Jan. 25
Laurel Mtn.,
Slate Rock Creek Trails 8:30 AM
Hike 8, Drive 80, Rated B-B
Carroll Koepplinger 667-0723,
Note later starting time. From Yellow Gap, we'll follow the Laurel Mtn. trail up to Sassafras Gap, and then bushwack down to the beautiful Slate Rock Creek trail, and back to Yellow Gap Rd. Topo: Dunsmore Mtn.

ALL DAY No.A0301-221  Jan. 26
Newton Bald via Mingus Creek
And Thomas Divide Trails 8:00 AM
Hike 11, Drive 130, Rated A-A
Tom Sanders 252-6327, mel&tgs@main.nc.us
Acquaint yourself with some of the best trails in the Smokies. From Ela (near Bryson City) we will ascend by the Mingus Creek Trail to the neighborhood of Newton Bald, then descend by the Thomas Divide Trail. On the connector Deeplow Gap Trail is a great waterfall. Second meeting place: Rest stop beyond Waynesville on US 25-74 at 8:30 AM. Topo: Clingmans Dome

ALL DAY  No.A0301-001    (Strenuous) Feb. 2
Case Camp –
Seniard Ridge Loop 8:00 AM
Hike 10, Drive 80, Rated A-B
Bruce Bente 692-0116
A short steep climb, some Mountains-to-Sea scenery, some beautiful woods and cascades. See Looking Glass Rock lean over. Topo: Shining Rock

ALL DAY  No.A0301-222  (moderate) Feb. 2
Montreat Ramble 9:00 AM
Hike 7-8, Drive 28, Rated B-B
Marlene Santamaria 299-9095
Note later starting time. This will be a moderate loop hike starting in Montreat and going up Lookout Mtn. along the ridge line to Pot Cove Gap and down on the Graybear Trail. This close-to-home hike promises a good workout and good views. Second meeting place at McDonald’s in Black Mountain at 9:30 AM. Map: Montreat Conference Trail System, and Topo: Montreat

ALL DAY   No.A0301-223 Feb. 9
Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Folk
Art Center to Ox Creek Rd. 8:00 AM
Hike 7.5, Drive 20, Rated B-C
Lewis and Jane Blodgett 274-7863
An easy, enjoyable hike on a choice part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in the vicinity of Asheville. Diversified woods and periodic good views. Though generally uphill, this is not strenuous. Second meeting place: 8:20 AM at the Folk Art Center. Topo: Oteen

ALL DAY  No.A0301-224 Feb. 16
Table Rock-Pinnacle Loop 8:00 AM
Hike 9.5, Drive 120, Rated A-B
Hank Czubek 864-292-6212
This is a great hike with views and a good workout because of the elevation gain of 2000 ft. We will start from the parking lot at Table Rock State Park on SC Highway 11. Our first objective will be Draw Bar Cliffs near Pinnacle Mtn. and a spectacular view of SC. We will then head for Table Rock for more views and lunch before returning to the starting place. Second meeting place: Table Rock State Park at 9:15 AM. Topo: Table Rock (SC)

SATURDAY  No.A0301-225  Feb. 22
Bent Creek: Stradley Mtn.-
Ingles Field Loop 8:30 AM
Hike 6, Drive 20, Rated B-B
Bill Ross 299-7637, wrossmath@cs.com
Note later starting time. This moderate hike will begin in Bent Creek near Lake Powhatan, ascending Slide Hill Trail to the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, then skirt Stradley Mtn. and descend through Ingles Field to the beginning. Topo: Dunsmore Mtn.

ALL DAY  No.A0301-226  Feb. 23
Chasteen Creek – Hughes Ridge 7:30 AM
Hike 13, Drive 120, Rated AA-AA
Larry Modlin 251-5092
Note earlier starting time. This loop hike starts in the Smokemont Campground of GSMNP, and goes up along scenic Chasteen Creek. The last time that CMC did this hike, we enjoyed hiking up into the snow and back down again. Although the mileage is long, the park trails are well graded. Topo: Smokemont

ALL DAY  No.A0301-097  (strenuous) March 2
Long Branch, Art Loeb,
Butter Gap Trails Loop 8:00 AM
Drive 60, Hike 12, Rated A-A
John Pawcio 299-8126
Highlights of this trip, which begins and ends at the Pisgah Forest Fish Hatchery, are the McCall family cemetery and views from Rich Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, and the Art Loeb Trail. Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Ranger Station on Rt. 276 at 8:40 AM. Topo: Shining Rock

ALL DAY No.A0301-227 (moderate) March 2
Crabtree Bald 8:30AM
Hike 7, Drive 70, Rated B-AA
Lee Finger 651-9517
It is said that every “40 over 6000” peak can be seen from 5320 ft. Crabtree Bald. We will start counting as we climb on a gravel road and through open pastures to the summit. Count on an evenly graded 2350’ climb to our lunch spot on the summit. Second meeting place at Pilot Truck Stop, Exit 24 of I-40 at 9:10 AM. Topo: Fines Creek

ALL DAY No.A0301-228 March 9
Fork Ridge: Sunburst
Campground to Mt. Hardy 8:00 AM
Drive 95, Hike 6, Rated B-AA
Dave Wetmore 884-7296
We’ll start at Sunburst Campground on NC 215. After an initial very steep mile the climb slackens at Green Knob with spectacular views of Sam Knob, Shining Rock, and other peaks. Then on to the summit of Mt. Hardy at 6110 ft. We’ll come out at Beech Gap on the Parkway and NC 215. It’s only 6 miles, but we’ll ascend 3700 ft. Topo: Sam Knob

ALL DAY No.A0301-229 March 16
Mountains-to-Sea Sequence
Hike: NC 151 to Chestnut
Cove Overlook 8:00 AM
Hike 10, Drive 40, Rated A-B
Lenny and Danny Bernstein 236-0192, lsberns@worldnet.att.net
Continuing our West to East traverse of the MST, we’ll hike 10 mostly downhill miles over sections maintained by the CMC, including a section maintained by your leaders. Topo: Dunsmore Mountain

ALL DAY No.A0301-127 March 23
Mt. Sterling via
Little Cataloochee Trail 8:00 AM
Hike 13.7, Drive 100, Rated AA-AA
Joe Cirvello 627-1797, joec@brinet.com
This new hike for the CMC will climb 3500 ft., and will take the Little Cataloochee Trail past the old Little Cataloochee Church and the site of an old mountain community, then ascend to Mt. Sterling via the Pretty Hollow and Mt. Sterling Ridge Trails. Enjoy the great views from the Mt. Sterling fire tower. Second meeting place at Pilot Truck Stop, Exit 24 of I-40 at 8:40 AM. Topos: Cove Creek Gap, Luftee Knob

SATURDAY No.A0301-040 March 29
Mountains-to-Sea (Woodlawn) 8:30 AM
Hike 5-6, Drive 80, Rated B-C
Diane Hankins 298-2870 (before 9 p.m.)
Note later starting time. Leisurely paced hike from Woodlawn picnic area near Marion. Early wildflowers expected, and we may see something special outside its normal habitat range. Suitable for anyone over 10 years old (those under 18 MUST be accompanied by adult). Only meeting place is Oteen Ingle’s parking lot at the post office flagpole.

ALL DAY  No.A0301-163  March 30
Linville Falls and Gorge 8:00 AM
Hike 10, Drive 100, Rated A-AA
Don Walton 298-5084, grovedew@aol.com
We’ll descend to look at Linville Falls and then access the rocky, up-and-down trail along the Linville River in the depths of the gorge. One of the great streams of WNC. Then out of the Gorge via the Pinch-In Trail, 2000 ft. up in 1 mile. Strenuous. Map: Linville Gorge Wilderness, and Topos: Ashford and Linville Falls

ALL DAY  No.A0301-230  (strenuous) April 6
Wilson Creek 8:00 AM
Hike 8, Drive 150, Rated B-A
Les Love 658-1489, lesrlove@aol.com
A beautiful hike in the Wilson Creek area, with many early wildflowers. Start by Mortimer, go via South Harper Creek Falls and finish at Little Lost Cove Cliffs. Map: USFS Wilson Creek Area Trail Map, and Topos: Chestnut Mtn. and Grandfather Mtn.

ALL DAY  No.A0301-231  (moderate ) April 6
Cane Creek Gap to Pt. Misery 9:00 AM
Hike 7.4, Drive 50, Rated BB
Barbara Passmore, 828-667-8604, bpsss354@aol.com

This hike begins with a steep ascent but then rises gradually to our lunch spot, where hikers will enjoy one of the best perspectives on the entire Black Mountain Range. Return by the same route. Topo: Mt. Mitchell