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Wed. 16th Old Settlers Trail

April 15, 2014

Due to the rain on Tues. which will increase the challenges of the wet creek crossings we will do an in & out from the Maddron Bald trail head. This will eliminate the three major stream crossings which are in the later portion of the trail. There will still be some stream crossings which are mild. I plan on 12 - 14 mi. total. Carroll

Change to Gabes Mountain hike on April 20th

April 13, 2014

The following hike has been slightly changed. Instead of an in and out hike from Cosby to Henwallow Falls and back the hike will now be a shuttle hike from Cosby to Henwallow ending at the Maddron Bald Trail Head. The total distance will be slightly less at 8 miles. The shuttle lwill eliminate the need to retrace steps and allow hikers to see additional trails. Second Meeting place is now Exxon at Exit 20 on I -40 but email hike leader in advance at Sunday No. A1402-488 Apr. 20 Gabes Mtn. Trail 8:00 AM Hike 9.6, Drive 150, 1800 ft. ascent, Rated A-A

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