Service Awards

In the year 2000, the Carolina Mountain Club established two awards which may be made annually.  The Distingushed Service Award is made to a member who, during his/her membership, has made consistent and cumulatively extraordinary contributions to the operation of CMC, and to the achievement of its goals.  The Award of Appreciation may be made to any member who, during the calendar year prior to the Annual Meeting, has rendered such exceptional service to the operation of the Carolina Mountain Club that its goals were significantly advanced.  In addition, the Council may occasionally choose to grant an honorary life membership to some member.

The NOMINATION FORM has details. You may also send an email nomination to: Marcia Bromberg at Besides the nominee's name, please include information that supports the reason you believe there person deserves the award for which they are nominated.


Past Recipients

         Distinguished Service Award      Award of Appreciation     Honorary Life Membership

2014   Becky Smucker                          Tish Desjardins & Ruth Hartzler           Bruce Bente        

2013    Lenny Bernstein                        Jim Ariail & Gale O'Neal

2012     Skip Sheldon                            Ted Snyder& A. Pete Petersen

2011   Howard McDonald                  Stuart English

2010   Jorge Munoz                         Tim Carrigan

2009   Piet Bodenhorst                      Walt Weber                    Dick Johnson

         Carroll Koepplinger

2008                                             Charlie Ferguson              Gerry McNabb

                                                                                       Paula McNabb

2007                                             Ruth Hartzler                   Sherman Stambaugh

2006   Bill Newton                            Bruce Bente                    Howard McDonald

                                                                                       Louis Blodgett

                                                                                       Jane Blodgett

2005   Ken Deal                              Tom Sanders

         Carol Deal

2004   Elizabeth Feil                         Howard McDonald

         Don Walton

2003   Les Love                              Lenny Bernstein

                                                   Danny Bernstein

2002   Al Kohan                             

2001   Bernard Elias                         Don Walton

2000   Ed Dunn                               Walt Weber

Before 2000                                                                        Bernard Elias