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3/26 Hike to Becks Bald from Smokemont Weather Report Cancelled

March 25, 2017

The forecast for the Smokemont area for tomorrow's hike is for 70 to 90% rain or thunderstorms throughout the day. The forecast has been changing daily. If you have an interest in this hike please contact the leader Mike Knies as soon as possible at so that he can e-mail you the status of the hike as conditions change! I am going to cancel our hike for tomorrow. The forecast below is for Cherokee. No use prolonging the uncertainty (though now the sun will probably shine). The NOAA forecast which is generally more accurate than intellicast has the rain and showers at 80 % for the actuall` Smokemont area. There are many hiking opportunities and better days than taking a chance on being on top of a mountain in a lightning storm. At Bruce’s suggestion I will probably reschedule this hike for my October 22 fourth quarter. I scouted it on October 28 last fall and the hike up Chasteen was a pot of gold with the sugar maples and poplars. The leaves had started falling around the Bald so there were many great long distance winter views.

Cancelled Hike

March 24, 2017

The Saturday hike, March 25, MST NC 80 to Woods Mountain, is cancelled due to possibility of smoke along the trail from the wildfire at Linville Gorge. According to some of the news articles I have read regarding the fire, smoke is bad at Woodlawn which is about 11 miles from the trail head and we will be hiking toward Woodlawn. The forecast is winds from the south which would bring smoke toward us on the trail.

New Meeting Place for Saturday 3/25/17 Hike

March 21, 2017

The first meeting place is rescheduled to River Ridge Market Place behind the CVS Pharmacy. We will not be meeting at Westgate. The second meeting place continues to be Ingles Exit 64 off I-40.