How to use the Content Management System

These documents are a starting point for learning how to edit the website.  It is supposed to be easy to do and easy to learn.  If things are not clear here please contact us for further assistance and to help us make this document more useful.  Email:  It may take a few repetitions of each task before it sets in and becomes second nature.


Also note that these instructions look way to long and complicated.  That is an illusion.  Most of the skills described here are just variations of skills that almost everyone already uses in doing email, word processing, browsing and other tasks.  Again, it should only take a few repetitions to master.  If there is any difficulty in following the instructions, it is probably because the instructions need to be clarified (let us know).  If you need help beyond what these instructions can provide, one thing that can really help is for us to use a remote support program, similar to the ones that Dell, Apple and others put on your computer, that can allow us to see your desktop while we talk on the phone to step through a task.  Email us to arrange a phone support session.

It might be helpful if you printed these instructions on paper so that you can refer to them more easily while using the CMS.

This document contains all the instructions (so far): General Instructions on using the CMS

If you would rather see the instructions in smaller, less scary, doses here are the separate sections, in the approximate order that you would want to learn them:

CMS - Login.pdf

CMS - Website Administration Page.pdf

CMS - Editing a Page.pdf

CMS - Edit the Breaking News

CMS - Adding a New Page.pdf

CMS - ReNaming a Page.pdf

CMS - Inserting a Link to a Page.pdf

CMS - Inserting a Picture into a Page.pdf

CMS - Uploading a PDF file to the Website.pdf

CMS - Copying Content from a Document or Website.pdf

CMS - Hike Schedules.pdf

CMS - Editing the Hike Report Page for the e-News.pdf

CMS - Changing the Home Page Slide Show

Making Maps, Profiles and Tracks


Note: It's best to not use the Chrome browser for the CMS.  The Page editor has some annoying misbehavior in Chrome.