Operations - Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.  Open Issues (web link)

2.  Calendar of Non-routine Activities and Deadlines (web link)

3.  Acronyms (Web Link)

4.  Awards (web link)

5.  Bylaws (web link)

6.  Challenges (web link)

7.  Club-wide Activities (web link)

8.  CMC Council (web link)

  • Attachment 1: CMC Council, Committee Members, and Other Organizational Roles (web link)

9.  Communications (web link)

  • Attachment 1: Communications Committee Contacts (web link)
  • Attachment 2: Procedures for Publishing Let’s Go (web link)
  • Attachment 3: Procedures for Publishing eNews (web link)
  • Attachment 4: Procedures for Facebook
  • Attachment 5: Communications Job Descriptions

10. Conservation (web link)

11. Education and Community Outreach (web link)

12. Finance (web link)

  • Attachment 1: Carolina Mountain Club Policy on Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Other than for Trail Maintenance and Hike Leading (web link)
  • Attachment 2: Aug. 15, 2004 Letter Announcing Last Dues Increase
  • Attachment 3: Grant and Donation Solicitation Protocol

13. Hiking (web link)

  • Attachment 1: Job Descriptions for Hiking Committee Responsibilities

14. Historian (web link)

15. Membership (web link)

  • Attachment 1: Job Descriptions for Membership Committee Responsibilities

16. Partners (web link)

  • Land Owners (web link)
  • Umbrella Organizations (Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail) (Web link)
  • Other Hiking, Trail-Maintenance, Outdoor, and Environmental
  • Organizations (Web Link)
  • Community Organizations  (Web Link)
  • Attachment 1: Memorandum of Understanding for the Appalachian National Scenic Trail between the Carolina Mountain Club and The Appalachian Trail Conservancy  (Web Link)
  • Attachment 2: Deep South Regional Partnership Committee Principles for Governance (Revised November 3, 2009)  (Web Link)

17. Technology – Website and Databases (web link)

18. Trail Building and Maintenance (web link)  

  • Attachment 1: Trail Building and Maintenance Contact List (Web Link)
  • Attachment 2: Resolution on Trail Maintainers (Web Link)
  • Attachment 3: Konnarock Planning Background Info(Provided by ATC) (Web Link)
  • Attachment 4: Job Descriptions for Maintenance Committee Responsibilities (Web Link)