Operations - CMC Council

Carolina Mountain Club Council

The CMC Council is Club’s governing body. Article IV of the CMC bylaws: (http://www.carolinamountainclub.org/index.cfm/do/pages.view/id/40/page/By-Laws) details the Council’s membership and responsibilities. In addition to the responsibilities defined in the bylaws, the President is also responsible for ensuring that that this manual is kept up-to-date.

Council members are elected for two-year terms and may not serve in the same position for more than four consecutive years. However, after four years in one position they may continue to serve on the Council in another position. They may also return to a previously held position after a two-year hiatus.

The current membership of the Council and their contact information is shown on the back page of each issue of Let’s Go, the Club’s quarterly print newsletter.

Typically the Council holds five regular meetings per year:

  • In January for a 5-7 hour planning session, and
  • Once a quarter for 2 ½-3 hours to conduct the Club’s business.

The fourth quarter meeting is the only one that is time-constrained At this meeting the Council must approve a budget for the next year and any proposed amendments to the club’s bylaws in time to be posted on the Club website two weeks before the Club’s annual meeting, which is typically held in early November.

Procedures for nominating Council members are detailed in Article VII of the bylaws. The Council should be informed of the slate of nominees developed by the Nominating Committee, but it does not approve the slate.

CMC’s President acts as the Council’s Chair and is responsible for obtaining a location for the meeting and developing an agenda. The President should solicit input from Council members on the agenda and send Council members a draft agenda. Council members should circulate meeting materials prior to each Council meeting.

Council meetings are conducted using a relaxed version of Roberts Rules of Order. Issues requiring decisions should be voted upon. After preliminary discussion, motions should be made and seconded, discussed further if necessary, then voted upon. As stated in the bylaws. “Efforts will be made to reach decision by consensus. Lacking consensus, decisions will be taken by majority vote.” Since the President is Chair of the Council, he/she should only vote to break a tie. 

As indicated in the bylaws, any club member may attend the Council meeting, and the President may invite non-Club members to attend. Once approved, minutes of Council meetings will be posted on the Club’s website (http://www.carolinamountainclub.org/index.cfm/do/pages.view/id/114/page/Council-Minutes) and made available to all club members, who must login to access the minutes.  As necessary, the Council will meet in executive session. Attendance at such sessions will be limited to Council members.

Council members will not be reimbursed for the attendance at Council meetings, but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred as a result of other aspects of their roles. Rules and procedures for reimbursement of travel expenses are detailed in the Club’s policy on Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Other than for Trail Maintenance and Hike Leading (web link), which apply to all CMC members.

CMC Council members are required to sign the following conflict of interest statement annually.

By signing this statement I pledge that I am not now knowingly using my position as a member of the Carolina Mountain Club Council to benefit myself, my family members, or my business, nor will I do so in the future. I will recuse myself from any discussion or vote that might compromise this pledge.

Council members present sign the statement at the January Planning Session. Others sign it as soon after the meeting as reasonable.