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Jan. 13 Sunday 1/2 Day CHANGE

January 08, 2019

The road to the Big Creek trailhead is gated due to the government shutdown. I have found and scouted an alternate ½ day Sunday hike -- an In and Out in Turkey Pen named Vineyard Gap (Club Hike #94) and it hasn’t been hiked by CMC in this form since 2004! First, the good news: a) the road to the Turkey Pen Parking and the trail itself are both in pretty fair shape; b) there are many good winter views from the ridges, and c) there are no stream crossings or muddy areas. The bad news (at least for some) is that a) there are some quite steep inclines especially close to the river and b) the leaves on the trail can be slippery so I strongly recommend poles (and good lungs). I clocked 4.6 miles (RT) and 1350’ elevation change. We can have a lunch or snack at the river around 1:45 PM and should be back to the trailhead before 4PM. First meeting place and time will be Brevard Road Toys R Us at 11:00. For those coming from Hendersonville area, since parking is limited at the trailhead and even at the Turkey Pen road entrance, I suggest meeting and carpooling at the Hwy 276/Boylston Hwy. Bi-Lo on the southwest side of the store (close to the Hub bicycle shop) and meeting the rest of us at the trailhead at 11:30. There will be no meeting at the Mills River Ingles. Be sure to READ THE BREAKING NEWS AGAIN ON SUNDAY MORNING because as I write this on a beautiful 62 degree Tuesday, there is a 40% chance of snow or rain on Sunday.