Hike Sign-up Sheet

Hike leaders:

You might receive an email containing a sign-up sheet in PDF format to print out, for your hike.  If not then download and print the pdf document CMC Sign-up Sheet.  

When you open the PDF document it usually opens in Adobe Reader.  Before you print the sign-up sheet, please fill in the 4 fields at the top of the first page - just put the cursor in each box and type.  For the Hike # use the number next to the hike from the schedule or Let's Go, e.g., W1104-057. 

If your Adobe Reader won't let you type into the 4 boxes, then try downloading the newest version: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ or  http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/.  If you see a box asking about McAfee Security Scan, uncheck the box!:

Once you have a recent version of Adobe Reader, it should update itself automatically.

If using your computer to fill in the boxes is a problem, just print the form and fill it out manually.

Please print the sheet on one two-sided page.  For most printers, this method should be followed:

a. Print side 1 only;
b. Remove the sheet, turn it around (may be printer dependent) and re-insert it into your printer;
c. Print side 2 only

Have every hiker on your hike sign it.  If a hiker has to leave the the hike for any reason make a note to that effect on the sheet.

After the hike make notes on the back about the hike, particularly about any changes to the hike plan or the description of the hike.

Email the CMC website hike report person with a hike report and pictures if you have them for the e-News.

Mail the signup sheet to one of the following people:

All Day Weekend hikes: Bruce Bente, 1030 Indian Hill Road   Hendersonville, NC 28791

Half-Day Sunday hikes: Gail Lamb, 25 Windsong Drive   Fairview, NC 28730

Wednesday hikes: Brenda Worley, 60 Ammons Drive   Fletcher, NC 28732


Again, here is the link to the CMC Sign-up Sheet.

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