SB6K Rules

Rules for recognition of completion of the SB6K program


1. The true summit of each mountain must be reached.

2. Climb all 40 peaks by routes involving hiking at least 5 miles with an ascent of at least 500 feet.  In many cases, roads come close to the summits, and the return trip may be made by auto.  However, where descent by trail is specified, return trip must be made on foot.

3. For alternate routes other than those in the hike data base, send a description to one of the committee members for approval.  This is required for two reasons:

  a. To assure that the hike meets South Beyond 6000 standards.

  b. To compile a list of new routes for others to follow in the future. When you describe a route, please give as much detail as possible

4. In the application, the applicant must include a copy of  the ascent record, their name exactly as they wish it on the certificate, and the date of the last qualifying hike.

5. The application should be mailed to the appropriate SB6K program administrator.

6. If applying to the TEHCC, the applicant must also include a check for $10.00 to cover the costs of the certificate, patch, and postage.

7.  If applying to the CMC the applicant, if not a member of the CMC, must also include a membership application and a check for a year’s dues. If the applicant is already a member of the CMC there is no charge for the patch and certificate.

8. After approval by the committee, the successful participant is awarded the South Beyond 6000 patch and a certificate recognizing his/her achievement.  CMC awards SB6K patches and certificates at its annual meeting.  CMC will also mail the certificate and patch to those who cannot attend the annual meeting.  TEHCC awards SB6K patches and certificates at its biannual meetings.  TEHCC will also mail the patches and certificates to those who cannot attend one of the meetings. 

On occasion the hiking clubs sponsor regular hikes or special groups to climb the peaks.  These can be found in the clubs' hiking schedule. 

The CMC and TEHCC are trying to minimize the production and distribution of hard copies of materials, therefore individuals who wish to obtain a hard copy of SB6K material from either club should contact the SB6K program administrator. There are only a few copies left and their information is not as complete as that found here.


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