Carolina Mountain Club

LTC Completers


Carolina Mountain Club & Forest Fire Lookout Association


Upon hiking to all 24 lookout towers of the Lookout Tower Challenge (LTC) using minimum hiking distance, submit a completed Checklist (or comparable log of completion) and $15 to the Carolina Mountain Club Challenge Committee via mail at the address below:

                                                                 Peter Barr

                                                                 Attn: CMC/FFLA Lookout Tower Challenge

                                                                 35 Mountain Site Lane

                                                                 Asheville, NC 28803

Completers of the Lookout Tower Challenge (LTC) will be rewarded with a hiking patch, certificate of completion, and formal recognition at the club’s annual dinner banquet.


For recognition, completing challengers must be members of both the Carolina Mountain Club and the Forest Fire Lookout Association.  Visit their links for membership applications.