WC100 Rules



Carolina Mountain Club


  1. The WC100 requires that the hiker visit all of the waterfalls and cascades set forth on the attached list.Each waterfall/cascade must be hiked to.
  2. Many waterfalls are reachable with a very moderate or easy hike. Others require bushwhacking and some can be difficult, even though the distance may not be great. While there is no specific distance requirement, because of the number of falls that must be visited to satisfy this challenge, it will be of ample difficulty to make this a worthwhile challenge.
  3. There are routes that are the most direct and there are routes that require a longer approach. Either is acceptable for this challenge. Some falls can be combined into one or more longer hikes and this is acceptable.
  4. Waterfalls are dangerous and should not be climbed. Particular caution should be taken when visiting waterfalls. See reference material for information on waterfall safety.
  5. A log and written record indicating the date each waterfall/cascade was visited must be maintained and submitted to the Challenge Committee for validation (a log is included on the website that may be downloaded).

Documentation of successful completion of the requirements is on the honor system. The completer must submit a log indicating the date of visitation of each waterfall/cascade. The Challenge Committee or its designated member representative will review the documentation to verify successful completion with the requirements. The Challenge will be listed on the CMC website (www.carolinamtnclub.org) with an attachment listing the WC100 for record keeping purposes.

The following are references that will be helpful as you navigate through this challenge:

  1. North CarolinaWaterfalls (A Hiking and Photography Guide) by Kevin Adams
  2. Carolina Mountain Club website (Challenges)  www.carolinamtnclub.org


                                                                      WATERFALL SAFETY

Waterfalls, in and of themselves, are not dangerous. What is true is that we sometimes put ourselves into a dangerous situation. There are certain basic common sense rules when visiting and viewing waterfalls.

  1. Don’t Go Near the Top—Never put yourself in a position where you will be harmed seriously if you fall. 
  2. Don’t Climb on Waterfalls
  3. Stay Out of Swift Currents— Stream currents can be strong and the water cold. Never cross a stream anywhere near the top of a waterfall.
  4. Be Aware of Slippery Surfaces—Take caution when walking on rocks. Until you are sure of your footing, crouch low and inch yourself along.