Pisgah 400

The Pisgah 400 Challenge is to hike all of the official trails in the Pisgah Ranger District of the Pisgah National Forest. The official trails are those numbered and named in the two lists on the National Geograpics map of the Pisgah Ranger District, map 780.

The trail network in the Pisgah Ranger District is complicated. Most aspirants buy two copies of the map; one for use on the trail, and the other to keep track of what they have already hiked. 

To receive the award you must be a CMC member  and have hiked all the official trails on the map edition which is current on your date of application. 

Your application for the award must include a signed copy of the application form. This is the  P400 Challenge Log.

Members may choose to receive their award at the CMC annual dinner and meeting or by mail.

You will receive a certificate of completion and one patch. Additional patches are $5 each.

You may use hikes done in the past to fulfill the Challenge.

As it is most likely that a given trail will be completed over several hikes, it is only necessary to include the date on which the trail was completed. If you do not remember the date, give an estimation.

The contact person for this award is Brenda Worley, at P400@CarolinaMountainClub.org



2003 Bindrum, Tom 2019 Bellows, Jon
  Elias, Bernard   Forsythe, Bob
  Tanquary, Jim   Wallace, Stephanie 
      Weemhoff, Dan
2004 Edwards, Larry    
  Fitzgerald, Jack 2020 Haffner, John E 
  Sanders, Tom   Lauerhass, Lance
  Wetmore, Dave    Martens, Christine 
2006 Modlin, Larry 2021 Bingham, Rusty
  Ramsey, Tia   Bush, Stephanie
  Tauber, Stuart   Conduff,Terri 
      Hale, Andrea
2009 Covert, Steven    Magura, Judy
  Johnson, Daniel   Onan, Jan
      Sanders, Sallye
2010 Haas, Bud   Smith, Sharon
      Worley, Brenda 
2011 Rinehart, Jeff    
    2022 Deming, Mikey
2012 Cushman, Beth Ann   Feathergill, Betsy
  Eliashevsky, Yuri   Johnson, Wes
  Hauschild, Ed   Plyler, Andrew 
  Jager, Sawako   Robbins, Zachary 
  Park, John    
  Ramer, Bill 2023 DeJong, Marielle   
  Tisdale, Charles   Hanley, Joanna 
      Hanley, Patrick M 
2013 Padgett, Gary   Kassell, Henry
      Martin IV,  Wilse Winn
2015 Ransom, Beth   Farmer, Doug
  Ransom, Garrett    
2017 Bowerman, Rich    
  Koebelin, Chris    
  Perry, Jonathan     
2018 Benson, Paul    
  Waggener, Ginny    
  Waggener, Vance    
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