Carolina Mountain Club Waterfall Challenge



     The Carolina Mountain Club Waterfall Challenge (WC100) was developed to encourage hikers to experience the beauty of some of the over 1,500 waterfalls in Western North Carolina, and parts of South Carolina and Tennessee. The list of 100 of the best waterfalls, a very subjective evaluation, is based on the waterfalls' height, volume of water, and overall setting. Other criteria used included being within 100 miles of Asheville, NC, and not being located on private property, unless the owners have given permission for the general public to view them.

 Waterfall List  


     Safety is a major concern when visiting waterfalls. 

  • You should not go to the top of a waterfall. You won’t be able to see the waterfall from there. 
  • Rocks and vegetation around waterfalls are very slippery, so do not climb up or around waterfalls.
  • You should not cross a stream near the top of a waterfall. A slip could result in the current carrying you over the falls.
  • Viewing some waterfalls requires bushwhacking off trail, often down and  back up steep slopes. Know your hiking skills and physical limits.


The Carolina Mountain Club Waterfall Challenge (WC100) Recognition Application is provided on this website. This application includes a list of the 100 required to be visited for recognition. The list includes the name of the waterfall, the geographical location, round trip trail length, and a degree of difficulty estimate. In order to help locate these waterfalls, the following references are provided: hike numbers from the Carolina Mountain Club Hike Finder data base; page numbers from North Carolina Waterfalls (2016 - Third Edition), by Kevin Adams;  hike numbers from a map Waterfalls of North Carolina (2009) by Outdoor Path Publishing. Space for the Date Hiked should be filled out by the hiker applicant.

Documentation of the successful completion of the Waterfall Challenge is based on the honor system. There is no specific time frame for viewing all the waterfalls. You can estimate the date you visited any waterfall, even prior to the initiation of the Waterfall Challenge in 2008. There is no requirement to reach the bottom of each waterfall.  Many can only be viewed from a distance.

The completed Waterfall Challenge Recognition Application and completed Waterfall List should be mailed, or sent by e-mail to:

Jack Fitzgerald
36 Gray Wolf Lane
Hendersonville, NC 28791



Any questions or comments about the Waterfall Challenge should also be directed to the above coordinator. Jack Fitzgerald’s phone number is:  828-685-2897

The Application should include your name, address, e-mail address.  Also include your age, and one picture of yourself at a waterfall of your choice.  This information will be preserved in the Carolina Mountain Club records.

CMC membership is required; paid dues must be current at time of application. You will receive a patch, a certificate of achievement, and recognition at the next annual CMC meeting.  Applications for CMC  membership can be obtained on the CMC website.

Waterfall 100 Completers

2009 Fitzgerald, Jack
2010 Jager, Sawako
  Longhurst, Penny
  Meisenhelder, John
  Shurtleff, Kay
2011 Blue, Doren
  Colby, Howard
  Hoadley, Erwin
  Neibert, Gary
  Tulip, Joanne
2012 Hendrickson, Ann
  Marcum, Casey
  Otto, Bill
2014 Covert, Steven 
2015 Felty, Emily
  Homiak, Justine
  Schmidt, Barry
  Schmidt, Julie
2016 Alberti, Gina 
  Bradshaw, Beth
  Inman, Mark
  Kunkle, Andrew
  Rosen, Chuck
2017 Storey, Wally
  Weemhoff, Dan
2018 English, Dee Gee
  Gardner, Donald
  Iovine, Grace
  Koogler, Dana
  Lovell, Stephanie
  McCammon, Robert
  Strike, Kimberly T.
2019 Koebelin, Chris
  Koogler, Dana
  Sanders, Sallye
2020 Armenti,Chris 
  McKay, Donald
  McKay, Susan
  Rozear, Mark
2021 Griffith-Johnson, Jennifer A. 
  Morris-Haley, Jamie H. 
2022 McCullough, Phillip


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