Most of CMC’s work is done by member volunteers. We are always looking for new members to step up and help us with this work, so maybe you are interested in doing something new and interesting. If you are not yet a member, it’s easy to Join.

Our work can be divided into two categories: jobs for which we always have openings (Ongoing Participation), and more specialized jobs such as Search and Rescue.

People volunteer for different reasons, and you might fall into some of these categories:

• You’ve enjoyed hiking with CMC or elsewhere, and want to give back.
• You’ve just retired, and are looking for ways to use your skills and have fun.
• You’re new to the area and/or would like to make friends.
• You have some particular skill or passion that you’d like to put to good use.
• You know nothing about trails or what it takes to run the club, but want to learn.
• You’re looking for a job, or have a business and would like to network.
• You have time on your hands, and this sounds like a fun way to spend it.

All of these are good reasons to volunteer for a work slot with CMC. We hope to hear from you. For specific volunteer options, go to:

 Ongoing Participation
• Special Opportunities

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