MST 130 Challenge


Mountains-To-Sea Trail 130 Challenge


In celebration of the Carolina Mountain Club's 90th anniversary, CMC challenges its members to hike the 130 miles of the Mountains-To-Sea Trail (MST) constructed and maintained by the Club! Club members who hike all 130 miles of the section of MST maintained by the CMC in 2013 will be rewarded with a commemorative embroidered hiking patch. This is a one year-only challenge!


  • All sections of MST must be hiked between January 1 and December 31 in the calendar year of 2013
  • No minimum hiking distance per hike; mileage may be accumulated in unlimited number of hikes
  • Only CMC maintained sections of MST between Woodfin Cascade BRP Overlook (near Waterrock Knob) and Black Mountain Campground can be counted
  • CMC membership is required; paid dues must be current at time of application for completion patch


CMC hikers must complete a "MST 130 Challenge" mileage log, listing the dates that they reached certain trailheads and landmarks throughout sections the 130 miles of CMC-maintained Mountains-To-Sea Trail.

A special "MST 130 Challenge" patch will be developed in Spring 2013 and posted on this website when complete. Completers will receive a patch and certificate of completion.

Hikers who complete the "MST 130 Challenge" patch must submit their filled-out mileage log by mail or email to CMC Challenge Committee member, Dave, or 95 Tree Haven Drive, Brevard, NC 28712.

Patches will be awarded at the 2013 CMC Annual Dinner/Meeting in November. Patches for completers of those who cannot attend the Annual Meeting will be mailed in November and December, AFTER the CMC Annual Meeting.

Download the "MST 130 Challenge" Mileage Log

Please address questions to Dave

"MST 130 Challenge" Completers

David Baldwin

Paul Benson

Mark Cobb

Jacob Cox

Jack Fitzgerald

Martha Hayes

Ann Hendrickson

Erwin Hoadley

Sawako Jager

Peter Julius

Linda Lucha

Tom Lucha

Vance Mann

Barbara Morgan

Steve Pierce

Richard Sampson

Tom Sanders

Lee Silver

Mary Swain

Ginny Waggener

Vance Waggener