Courthouse Creek

"Background for the CMC Position for an Appeal to the Forest Service (Courthouse Creek)"


As part of their timbering project in the Courthouse Creek vicinity, the U.S. Forest Service has decided to decommission one of our treasured hiking trails, Summey Cove Trail.  This trail has been a delightful half day Sunday hike for our club with a beautiful waterfall at the end -- Courthouse Falls.  It is the only trail on NC 215 which leads to Courthouse Falls.  These falls are one of our club's waterfall challenges.  CMC's Conservation Committee is opposed to this decision and recommends that we file an appeal with the Forest Service.  Their deadline for the receipt of our appeal is November 12, 2013.


"CMC Position Statement for an Appeal to the U.S. Forest Service's Decision for the Courthouse Creek Timbering Project"


"The Carolina Mountain Club, a hiking and trails maintaining club in western North Carolina, opposes the Forest Service's Courthouse Creek project decision to decommission the Summey Cove Trail.  The club actively schedules hikes on this trail, and, Summey Cove Trail is the only trail on NC 215 leading to the beautiful Courthouse Falls.  We appreciate your allowing us to appeal your decision and, gratefully, are sending you our request to have Summey Cove Trail remain open." 

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