Carolina Mountain Club

A.T.-MST Challenge

 The A.T.-MST Challenge includes hiking the 140.7  miles of the Mountains-To-Sea Trail (MST) and the 92.7 miles of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) maintained by CMC.  Members who hike the 233.4 miles of the MST and A.T. sections maintained by CMC will be awarded a certificate of completion and a commemorative embroidered hiking patch. 

Members may choose to receive their award at the CMC annual dinner and meeting or by mail.  

You will receive a certificate of completion and one patch. If you want more patches they are $5 each. To get them include a check, made out to the CMC, along with your application.

The following resources will be helpful hiking the A.T. and MST sections of this challenge and can be purchased at local outdoor sporting stores.

  • Trails and Profile Maps (MSt) by Walt Weber
  • National Geographic Maps (AT) Nos. 229,782,783
  • AT Trail Conservancy Map, Tenn-NC Maps 3&4


  • There is no minimum distance per hike and no time limit for completing this challenge. Mileage may be accumulated by an unlimited number of hikes.
  • Only CMC-maintained sections of the A.T. and MST can be counted.
  • Hikers who completed the 2013 "90 in 90" A.T. Challenge and MST Challenge need only record on their MST mileage log the date they completed the new 11.2 mile section, Docks Gap to Soco Gap to Waterrock Knob to Woodfin Cascade Overlook. Sections hiked for the 2013 A.T. Challenge also count toward the new A.T.-MST Challenge. Download the Docks Gap to Soco Gap to Waterrock Knob to Woodfin Cascade Overlook hike description here: Docks Gap to Woodfin Cascade Overlook
  • Members must submit A.T. and MST mileage logs listing the dates they completed the various sections of the challenge. Please print your name as you want it on the certificate. Download challenge logs here: A.T.-MST Challenge Log
  • Send Mileage logs to Chris Koebelin: PO Box 15369, Asheville, NC 28813 or
  • A CMC membership membership is required at the time of application.

For questions please contact at

           CHALLENGE COMPLETERS HERE: A.T. - MST Challenge Completers