Youth Partner Challenge

The Youth Partner Challenge (YPC) is a program organized by the Carolina Mountain Club (CMC) to encourage CMC members to share hiking experiences with youth while learning about different public land management. The YPC hikes are designed to introduce young individuals to the joys of hiking and educate them about public lands, land managers, and the unique features found in the outdoors.

To complete the Youth Partner Challenge, the following criteria must be met:

1. The youth must be of walking age through 17 years.
2. The youth must hike with an adult who is a CMC member by the time the log is sent in. 3. Complete 8 hikes, selecting one from each category.
4. Each hike should cover a minimum distance of 2 miles or 1 mile with at least 2 hours of exploring time in the outdoors.
5. Fill in the YPC Log and mail it to CMC or email a PDF to
6. Only one patch is awarded per person. If one adult hikes all 8 hikes with any number or youth, they are eligible to receive the patch.

The YPC hike categories include:

1. Appalachian Trail (A.T.): Examples include Max Patch and Lover's Leap.
2. Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP): Examples include Graveyard Fields, Richland Balsam, and nature trails at the Folk Art Center and BRP Visitor Centers.
3. Conservancy (CMLC)( SAHC): Examples include Bearwallow, Florence Nature Preserve, and Trambatore Trail.
4. Fire Tower: Examples include Frying Pan and Wesser Bald.
5. Greenways: Examples include Oklawaha, Ecusta, Beaver Lake, and Black Mountain.
6. Historic Places: Examples include Rattlesnake Lodge trail and state, and Buck Springs trail and site (hike from Pisgah Inn and back).
7. Mountains-to-Sea Trail (MST): Example includes Buck Springs Lodge Site.
8. National Forest: Examples include Cradle of Forestry, Nature Trail at the Pisgah Ranger District Visitor Center, North Slope, and Bent Creek trails.
9. National Park: Examples include Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, Smoky Mountains National Park, and Congaree National Park.
10. State Educational Forest: Example includes Holmes Educational State Forest.
11. State Forest: Example includes DuPont State Recreational Forest.
12. State Park: Examples include Gorges, Chimney Rock, Grandfather Mountain, and Mount Mitchell State Park.
13. Waterfall: Examples include Cedar Rock Falls, Moore Cove Falls, Barnett Branch Trail Falls, Catawba Falls, and Crabtree Falls.
14. Wilderness Area: Examples include Shining Rock and Middle Prong.

You can find the YPC Hike Log for recording your hikes on the CMC website YPC Log. Additionally, directions for some of the hikes that have been led in the past can be found under the YPC category in the hike search section. A bit of research may provide additional information about the trails’ history, land managers, special features, etc.

Download YPC Hike Log here: YPC Log

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