Youth Partner Challenge

Youth Partner Challenge

MissionStatement: To Challenge CMC members to share hiking experiences with youth.

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Working with community partners, CMC offers shorter hikes with an educational component to youth under the age of 18 years. Children who go out and have an amazing time on the trails are more likely to return.   It is the goal that CMC members will take on the Youth Partner Challenge (YPC) and sponsor up to 6 youth from their family, neighborhood, church youth group, etc., and share our love of the outdoors with them. The Challenge is set up to showcase many of our land use managers with some history, trivia or other tidbits of information that will get CMC members excited about sharing.  On each of the ten challenge hikes listed in the schedule, links to another page to read and learn about the particular hike area. Youth completing 8 of the 10 hikes will receive a badge. There are options to participate in a CMC scheduled YPC hike, complete on your own, or both. Have fun with it! Who knows, you might even learn something yourself! Check out the hikes here: YPC Hikes


•   CMC membership is required; paid dues must be current at time of application for completion patch.

•   Youth is described and those younger than 18 years of age. Youth do not need to be members, although they may be.

•   A CMC member may sponsor up to 6 youth to earn their patch.

•   A separate log (YPC Log) must be turned in for each participant including the name of the CMC sponsor, an interesting learned fact and date each hike was completed.

•   All 8 hikes must be completed in full before submitting the application for the patch.  There is no time limit for completion.


CMC hikers and youth must complete the youth Partner Challenge Log. Completers will receive a patch and certificate of completion.

Hikers who complete the Youth Partner Challenge must submit their filled out log by mail or email to CMC Education Committee member:

Kay Shurleff P.O. Box 68, Asheville, NC 28802.

Patches will be awarded at the CMC Annual Dinner/Meeting each year in November.  Patches will be mailed after the Annual Meeting for completers unable to attend. Please address questions to Kay Shurtleff at

                    CHALLENGE COMPLETERS: YPC Challenge Completers