Award of Appreciation

The Award of Appreciation, established in 2000, may be awarded one or more times in a given year with possible recipients identified by fellow members, committee chairs or Council members. The award can be made for a range of activities, from small acts of service (one member helping another injured member) to major acts of service (creating and leading a new series of hikes or completion of a special project). Since many projects involve a team effort, the award may be made to two or more members. If you know of someone you think is eligible to receive this award click on Contact Us at the top of this page and give the reasons for your recommendation.

                                              AWARD OF APPRECIATION RECIPIENTS

2016     STEVE PIERCE                                                   2008     CHARLIE FERGUSON

2015     ASHEVILLE FRIDAY CREW                               2007     RUTH HARTZLER

2014     TISH DESJARDIN & RUTH HARTZLER            2006     BRUCE BENTE

2013     JIM ARIAL & GALE O'NEAL                               2005     TOM SANDERS     

2012     TED SNYDER & A. PETE PETERSEN                  2004     HOWARD MCDONALD

2011     STUART ENGLISH                                               2001     DON WALTON

2010     TIM CARRIGAN                                                   2000     WALT WEBER