Carolina Mountain Club

Trail Work Schedule

There are trail maintenance crews that work on different days and/or work on different trails. We have listed them below, along with contact information for their crew leaders.

(Burnsville) Monday Crew. Crew leader, John Whitehouse ( This is a small crew (6-8 people) that works mostly on the AT, MST and trails in the Appalachian Ranger District of Pisgah Forest.

Art Loeb Trail Monday Crew. Crew Leaders:  Rich Evans ( This crew works on the 30 mile long Art Loeb Trail in the Pisgah National Forest, near Brevard.

Waynesville Wednesday Crew. Crew leader, Chris Werbylo ( Vance Waggener ( The West Crew works on Wednesdays and maintains the MST above Waynesville, the AT and various trails in the Forest. They are a small crew of 6 to 8 people.

Thursday Crew. Crew leaders, Todd Eveland ( and Ken Hummel ( The Thursday Crew is out of Asheville and works on the MST and AT as well as other trails in the Forests. They are a medium crew of 8 or 10 people.

Asheville Friday Crew. Crew leader, Paul Curtin ( and Chris Werbylo ( The largest of  crews  (20+ folks ) works mostly on the AT and MST trails. They do all types of work, but primarily build trails. This crew also has the widest range of skill levels.

Pisgah Friday Crew. Crew leaders: Don Cooper (, and Robert Bolt ( This crew works on the trails in the Pisgah National Forest, MST and AT. They are a crew of 6 to 8 and frequently break into 2 or more groups working different trail sections or jobs.

Quarterly Saturday Crew. Crew leaders are Les Love (, Joe Bange ( and Chris Werbylo ( This crew goes out quarterly performing interesting trail projects to give beginners a chance to learn from experienced maintainers. There are usually 20 to 40 people.  The work dates for 2021 are: April 3rd, June 5th, August 14th and October 9th.

Free Rangers Crew.   Crew leader is John Busse (  Comprised of a pool of experienced trail workers, this crew responds to smaller, but problematic, trail issues needing repair quickly.  Primary emphasis is trail repair where a CMC hike is scheduled to occur.  Typically a crew of 3-4 is used, can hike longer distances if needed, and repair trails within CMC's trail coverage (AT, MST, Pisgah).   CMC hike leaders are encouraged to report trail issues if found during their pre-hike scout. 

Section Rovers.  A new trail crew, created in early 2021, will work once a week on either Tuesday or Saturday focusing on sections that need support and training. This crew will be led by Jan Onan and Rich Evans.  Contact for more information.

Wilderness Response Crew. Crew Leaders are Vance Waggener ( and Rich Figura ( This crew responds to trail issues in the Middle Prong and Shining ROck Wilderness Areas.

Remote Overnight Crew. Crew leaders are Paul Curtin ( and Rich Evans ( This crew does two overnight work events a year. The crew will backpack in to a remote section and work Saturday and part of Sunday, spending the night near the worksite. Event dates for 2019 are Apr 27/28 and Sept 21/22.

AT Section Maintainers - Paul Curtin  

MST Section Maintainers (South to North)

Oconaluftee River to Old Bald

Supervisor: Chris Werblyo (

Old Bald to Hwy 215

Supervisor: Robert Bolt

Hwy 215 to Big Ridge Overlook

Supervisor: Todd Eveland

Big Ridge Overlook to Blue Ridge Visitor Center

Supervisor: Les Love

Blue Ridege Visitor Center to Greybeard Overlook

Supervisor: John Busse

Greybeard Overlook to Black Mtn. Campground

Supervisor:  John Whitehouse


Secondary Trails Maintainers

Supervisor: Les Love

You are welcome to work with any of these crews, and several folks work with 2 or more of them on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact any of the crew leaders about working with them.

The normal procedure is for the crew leader to send out an e-mail message several days before the up-coming workday, explaining the job the crew will be working on, what tools to bring, and the meeting place and time. If you want to work with the crew that day, you let the crew leader know, and show up (be on time, because we frequently have a long drive, so we leave at the time given). When you contact a crew leader about working with the crew, he/she will put you on the crew e-mail distribution so you receive these notices.

You do not need any experience or tools to work on the maintenance crews. Training and equipment will be supplied by the crew leader. You do need to respond to the work notice, letting the crew leader know if you plan to work with them. Wear old work clothes (long pants highly suggested), sturdy boots, bring a small day pack with your lunch and plenty of water, and a good pair of leather work gloves. The hikes with tools, etc., will be anywhere from 2 to 5 miles in length so be prepared.

If you would like to become a Section Maintainer responsible for light maintenance on a 2-3 mile section of the AT, MST or one of the Secondary Trails, please contact the supervisor for the area you are interested in.

If you have questions about any crew, drop their crew leader a note.