CMC OM - Awards and Recognition Program

Revised August 2022

The CMC Awards and Recognition program will be administered by a standing Awards Committee composed of the immediate Past President (chair), at least two additional members who are not currently members of Council, and up to two sitting Council members who are not up for re-election. These committee members among themselves should have knowledge of the contributions made by members to CMC’s various administrative and other functions:

  • Communications
  • Conservation
  • Education and community outreach
  • Hiking
  • Membership
  • Technology
  • Trail maintenance
  • Other, as appropriate

Should the Immediate Past President be unable or unwilling to chair the committee, the President will appoint a chair who can bring this knowledge to the committee.

In addition, prior to the start of the Committee’s work, likely in July or August, it is desirable for the Chair to write an article for eNews describing the two awards and soliciting nominations for these awards.  In addition, the members of Council or the committee may submit names to be considered.

The committee will conduct its business by e-mail and conference call; no face-to- face meetings are envisioned.

The Committee will be responsible for determining recipients of two awards  More detail is in the By-laws:

  • CMC’s Award of Appreciation
  • Distinguished Service Award

Awards will be made only to CMC members in good standing, and only for activities that directly benefit the Club. The note-worthy contributions that CMC members make to other organizations will not be considered.

The Committee will actively encourage CMC members to nominate other CMC members for these awards, and also will identify members worthy of recognition. To encourage members to make nominations, a “button” on the website will provide direct input to the Chair of the Awards Committee. Once a nomination has been made, it will be the Committee’s responsibility to ensure that the nominee’s contribution is worthy of recognition.

Note: CMC’s third program to honor members, award of an Honorary Life Membership, will continue to be a Council responsibility.

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