Carolina Mountain Club

CMC OM - Challenges

Carolina Mountain Club (CMC) challenges should:

  • promote hiking, conservation and an appreciation for trail maintenance,
  • appeal to hikers with various levels of physical ability and a broad range of interest,
  • promote camaraderie among hikers with similar interest.
  • provide for a sense of accomplishment when completing a challenge,

CMC administers a number of Challenges hikers can participate in:

  1. South Beyond 6000 (SB6K) - hiking 40 selected southeastern 6,000 foot peaks
  2. Lookout Tower Challenge (LTC) - hiking to 24 fire towers in WNC
  3. Pisgah 400 (P400) - hiking all the official trails in the Pisgah Ranger District
  4. Waterfall & Cascade 100 (WC100) - hiking to 100 of WNC's most spectacular waterfalls
  5. 100 Favorite Trails Challenge - 100 Favorite Trails of the Smokies and the Carolina Blue Ridge
  6. A.T.-MST Challenge – hike those portions of the AT and MST maintained by CMC
  7. Centennial Challenge - new challenge being developed

Information on each challenge is available on the CMC website under the Challenges menu

Roles and Responsibilities:

Challenge Chair will:

  • call and preside over meetings of the Challenge Committee as required,
  • in collaboration with Challenge Committee Members, oversee and direct the challenges formally adopted by CMC,
  • present certificates and patches at the Annual Meeting, or mail certificates and patches to persons who desire to receive them by mail,
  • coordinate with members and outside organizations regarding the challenges officially adopted by CMC,
  • promote and encourage hikers to achieve challenge completion,
  • recruit new committee members to assist with CMC’s approved challenges,
  • maintain a current Completers’ roster and have posted to website with help from committee members,
  • submit a budget to council annually and monitor this budget throughout the year,
  • request feedback from CMC members in order to gather information about interest in the challenges and to engage in achievement of challenges.

The members of the Challenge Committee shall consist of the following:

  • Chair (see above)
  • South Beyond 6000 Coordinator
  • Lookout Tower Challenge Coordinator
  • Waterfall 100 Challenge Coordinator
  • Pisgah 400 Coordinator
  • A. T. - MST Challenge Coordinator
  • At Large Committee Member

Committee Members should:

  • Answer any questions in a timely manner regarding the challenge they coordinate.
  • Communicate with the Chair about persons who have completed challenge applications by sending documentation for each person completing a challenge.
  • Communicate with the Chair changes in challenges and what information is needed to keep the web page current.
  • Review annually all challenge programs and make updates if necessary.
  • Oversee and direct the challenges formally adopted by CMC.

Adding New or Modifying Existing Challenges

Any new or major modification of existing challenge requires a simple majority approval by the Challenge Committee including Chair.  It must then be presented to and approved by the CMC Officers and Directors before becoming official.