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Revised Jan 2023

The Communications Committee publishesand distributes Let's Go! (the quarterly hike schedule) and eNews (the monthly club newsletter). The committee also manages the club's social media accounts.If you have ideasfor the enewsor would like to write a story, please email us at  If you would like to join the committee email us at

  1. Publishing Let’s Go, the CMC quarterly hike schedule
  2. Publishing eNews, the CMC monthly electronic newsletter
  3. Maintaining the CMC Social Media
  4. Publicizing CMC activities

Procedures for CMC Publications

Attachment 2 - Procedures for publishing Let’s Go

Attachment 3 - Procedures for publishing eNews

Attachment 4 - Social Media

Publicizing CMC Activities

The Communications Committee is empowered to publicize the Club’s activities in local media – no further approval is required. The Chair of the Communications Committee should maintain contact with local media.  Local media contacts should know that the CMC President is the “go to” person for information about the Club.

Attaschment 5 - Job description for the Councilor for Communications

Attachment Details:

Attachment 2 - Procedures for Publishing Let’s Go

(See Attachment 1 for current contacts)

The deadline for the quarterly hike schedule is the 15th of the second month of each quarter.

The preparation of Let’s Go is coordinated with the scheduled hikes for the same quarter. When the hike schedules are ready, the editor and the formatter are notified and the hike schedules are placed on the template for the Let’s Go Then the material collected by the editor will be arranged by the formatter to fit with the hike schedules and boilerplate material, (Trail Maintenance, Hike Ratings, Challenge Programs, information about the various types of hikes, Club Officers, and other info that is repeated every quarter).

When the editor, formatter, and hike schedule Chief Proofreader feel their content is ready for proofing, a PDF of Let’s Go will be sent to selected proofreaders

The editor will post a PDF of the finished Let’s Go specially prepared for the website with color pictures, on the CMC website and send a group email with links to this site.


Attachment 3 – Procedures for Publishing eNews

eNews uses Constant Contact, a web-based, newsletter-editing program.

The eNews is published on the first Friday of each month.  Articles are due to the editor on the last Friday of the previous month. The editor sends out a request for articles to CMC Council and committee members 10 days prior to the deadline, asking for news and features stories.

A separate email account,, receives forwarded submissions that are sent to

Submitted articles and photographs are copied, edited and formatted in Constant Contact.

If additional articles are needed, the editor writes them.

An updated club member list is uploaded from the website each month for eNews distribution.  An additional list of subscribers who are not members is included in the distribution.

Constant Contact is also used to send out email "blasts" when additional communication with

club members is needed. One is sent before the annual dinner giving details about the

finances of the club and nominations for club offices.

Attachment 4 – Social Media

Facebook is a social media site used to advertise the Carolina Mountain Club. Posts include breaking news, pictures of recent hikes and maintenance projects and general news. We currently have five administrators and two editors.

Managers can manage all aspects of the CMC Facebook page. They can:

  • Send messages and publish as the Page
  • Respond to and delete comments on the Page
  • Create ads
  • See which admin created a post or comment
  • View insights
  • Assign Page roles

Editors can:

  • Send messages and publish as the Page
  • Respond to and delete comments on the Page
  • Create ads
  • See which admin created a post or comment
  • View insights

The goal is to have regular posts.  

Attachment 5 - Job description for the Councilor for Communications

Job Descriptions: To be provided


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