CMC OM - Membership

Revised August 2022

New Members

  1. Using BackOffice: check member profile and correct errors.
  2. Email greeting letter generated
  3. Weekly mailing of greeting letters to new members containing: club business cards, and decals

On-going activities

  1. Fill requests for decals, business cards and patches (selling patches)
  2. Provide patches, decals and business cards for all club events.
  3. Store records for membership
  4. Store tri-fold display board for club display events.
  5. Maintain inventory of paper, envelopes, stamps, business cards, decals and patches.
  6. Troubleshoot membership issues (payments, profile details, expiration date, etc)
  7. Answer member and non-member questions (email and phone number are on club site) and redirect some questions to appropriate committees.
  8. Answer member questions about membership renewal, transactions, profile changes, password changes, and managing membership.
  9. Receive and check all written membership applications.

Duties of Technical Support person:

  1. Pick up the mail sent to the Carolina Mountain Club from the downtown Asheville post office on a periodic basis.  This is typically once per week but can be more frequent in the weeks preceding a ticketed event like the Spring Social and Annual Meeting.
  2. Using BackOffice, create new memberships by entering the information provided on new membership forms.  Log payment of membership dues.  Mail new membership application forms to the head of the Membership Committee.
  3. Using BackOffice, log payment of dues and donations by renewing members.
  4. On a weekly basis, mail checks to the CMC treasurer.  These include checks from new members, renewing members, donations from non-members and checks from foundations.  
  5. On a weekly basis mail to the treasurer invoices from firms providing equipment, parts or services to CMC.
  6. Mail any challenge logs to the appropriate CMC challenge coordinator.
  7. Mail any correspondence that is conservation related to the Conservation Committee.
  8. Mail items of general club interest to the club president.  
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