CMC OM - Technology

Revised August 2022

As a participating member of the CMC Council, the Councilor for Technology oversees the Carolina Mountain Club (CMC) information technology programs as they relate to Club operations. The CMC Technology Councilor will manage the technology assets of the club and develop the vision of club member projects such as web pages, user interfaces and data access needs.   The Councilor also ensures the integrity and security of the data and support systems.  The Councilor solicits recommendations and participates in decisions with regard to improvements and changes to the CMC Public and Member web sites.

Position Requirements:
An equivalent combination of experience and education sufficient to perform the essential job functions as described and the technical ability to manage and direct external technical resources is required. Familar with web design and content management

Essential CMC Job Functions

1.  Provide guidance and support for the acquisition of technology solutions to address emerging needs that simplify and improve the user experience.

2.  Provide and educate members on web features, functions and capabilities. Investigate, test and address reported performance issues.

3.  Implement policies and define strategies to achieve information technology goals and objectives; analyze long-term impact of new or anticipated strategies and decisions.

4.  Provide day-to-day administrative direction and oversight of web technologies and information systems.  Assign development and projects to web site developers; monitors development; reviews and evaluate work products, methods, and procedures; meet with committees to identify and resolve problems.

5.  Prepare and manage the technology budget, operational plans and web performance standards within budgetary goals and objectives.

6.  Perform cost/benefit analysis and provide sound recommendations to team / committee members; develop a framework for acquisition of equipment, software and resource needed to meet emerging user needs.

7.  Participate on CMC teams / committees in order to evaluate process efficiencies and recommend alternatives where appropriate.

8.  Facilitate communications between members, system programmers / developers as needed.

9.  Ensure platform compatibility and consistency; manage all acquisitions of technology   solutions including the proposal, contract negotiation, and implement planning processes. Ensure that hardware and software acquisitions are consistent with CMC goals and financial capabilities.

10.  Administer contracts and agreements with suppliers providing hardware, software and related services to CMC. Evaluate work performed by vendors and contractors; approve payments for products and services; resolve vendor performance issues.

11.  Solicit feedback and conducts research to determine feasibility of new features and capabilities. Recommend and present programs to the CMC Council for consideration and approval.

12.  Read, interpret, and prepare functional and technical specifications for new systems or enhancements to existing systems.

13.  Attend and participate in team / committee group meetings; maintain awareness of new trends and developments in the field of information technology; and incorporate new developments as appropriate into existing club technology.  

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