Centennial Challenge


Carolina Mountain Club was incorporated in 1923 and celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2023. To celebrate, a new challenge was created to encourage crossover between our hikers and trail maintainers.

The Centennial Challenge requires participation in both club sponsored trail maintenance (measured in hours) and hikes (measured in miles). It is structured such that all club members can participate regardless of fitness level. Certificates will be issued if an individual hike 50 miles on club-led hikes and performs 50 hours of trail work, either as a section maintainer or part of one of our trail crews. Each event, either trail maintenance or hike, does not have a minimum requirement as long as the required totals are met.

The Centennial Challenge will be an ongoing, rolling 2-year challenge with hours and miles recorded over any 2-year span.

Trail Maintenance Hours Requirement

You must complete a minimum of 50 hours of trail maintenance and report the hours in the trail maintenance log on the CMC website.

Mileage hiked during trail maintenance cannot be used toward the hiking miles requirement discussed below.

All reportable trail maintenance hours can be applied toward the 50-hour minimum requirement of this challenge.

Hiking Mileage Requirement

You must hike a minimum of 50 miles on any official CMC related hikes.  The hike could be a scout hike, Meetup hike, or official hike listed in Let’s Go. There is no minimum mileage requirement for each hike, but the total mileage for all hikes combined must be greater than 50 miles.

You cannot count the miles hiked during trail maintenance toward the 50-mile hike requirement. Also, personal hikes or casual hikes with other CMC member friends cannot be used toward the challenge.

This challenge is retroactive to January 1, 2022. Since many hikers do not keep a detailed hike log, use your best estimation of the date and miles hiked prior to June 2022, i.e., month and year, hike and estimated miles. Examples: March 2022, North Slope, 8 miles or Spring 2022, Shining Rock loop, 12 miles. It will count as long as it is a CMC hike.

Application Guidlines

The application log for recording the challenge achievements is located here. Please make sure both the hiking mileage and maintenance hours add up to 50 minimum each.

You may take photos of completion sheet, or scan it as a PDF, and email it to CentennialChallenge@carolinamountainclub.org

You can also mail a paper copy to:

Centennial Challenge

1239 Kanawa Lane

Arden, NC 28704

Please allow four weeks for processing.

Centennial Challenge Recognition

A newly design patch and certificate will be awarded to CMC members that complete the Centennial Challenge.  Completers have the option to have the certificate awarded at the CMC Annual dinner or mailed to their home.


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1. Sallye Sanders  
2. Adrianne Chang  
3. Lynn Pettipaw  
4. Glen Kime  
5. Brenda Worley  
6. Jan Onan  
7. Bev MacDowell  
8. Bob Smith  
9. Les Love  
10. Paul Benson  
11. Henry Kassell  
12. Benson, Paul  
13. Magura, Judy  
14. Magura, Jim  
15. Morgan, Barbara  
16. Curtin, Paul  
17. Fluharty, Randy  
18. Love, Catherine  
19.  Amodeo, Renee  
20. Weaver, Tom  
21. Wulfing, Paul  
22. Estes, Priscilla  
23. Snow, Bill  
24. Tan-Babcock,Cheow  
25. Desjardins, Tish  
26. Murphy, Brian  
27. Murphy, Susan  



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