Code of Conduct - CMC

Code of Conduct for Carolina Mountain Club

The purpose of this code of conduct is to provide a framework of support to members, volunteers, and organization leaders maintaining a culture that is safe, ethical, and responsible. This expectation is extended to all members of the Carolina Mountain Club (CMC), as well as to any other person who participates in any official club activity,
regardless of membership status. In this document all of the aforementioned persons will be designated as “volunteers.”

Values Statement
Carolina Mountain Club’s mission is to encourage and support hiking in the Western North Carolina Mountains. We fulfill our mission by:
- leading hikes and welcoming all who are capable of participating;
- building and maintaining trails, especially the sections of the Appalachian Trail and Mountains to Sea Trail for which we have accepted responsibility; and
- working with public and private partners to conserve our natural heritage.

We aim to be an inclusive, equitable, diverse and kind community. At CMC we are united in our adventure by mutual trust, collective safety, respect for the natural world, and appreciation for our time together outdoors. We continually strive to provide a welcoming and respectful environment.

“When people have meaningful experiences outdoors their quality of life, health, and
social wellbeing improve, and in turn their communities become stronger and more
sustainable.” Rethink Outside

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