2022 Officers

President            Tom Weaver,

Vice-president    Les Love,

Secretary           Karen Lachow,       

Treasurer           George Bauernfeind,

Other Council Members

Immediate Past President--Debbie Jones,
Councilor for Conservation--Rachel Muir,
Councilor for Educ/Outreach--Jeff Wilcox, (2nd two-year term)
Councilor for Hiking--Brenda Worley, (appointed to complete unexpired term in 2019)
Councilor for Membership--Jan Onan, (2nd two-year term)
Councilor for Communications--David Huff,
Councilor for Technology--Jim / Judy Magura,
Councilor for Trails Maintenance, Joe Bange,
Councilor-at-Large--Adrianne Chang,
Councilor-at-Large--Bill Sanderson,  

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