Carolina Mountain Club is on Facebook!

So far CMC "fans" have uploaded a video on snake bites, discussed hikes and uploaded hiking photos. But my favorite is Stuart English's first entry.

  Dr. Seuss talked about the "...the places you will go." He was talking about us. You will go to the Smokies. You will go to the Shining Rock   and Middle Prong Wilderness Areas. You will go to the edge of the WNC escarpment in South Carolina, a spectacular area to hike. You will follow the Appalachian Trail over the several peaks of Roan Mountain, Little Hump, and Big Hump. You will go into the Linville Gorge, and much more. But what is most imortant, you will meet lifetime friends. Believe me, I have.

How to get on Facebook.

First, you must join Facebook as an individual. You don't need to spend any time on Facebook as an individual, if you don't want to.

Then, at the upper right hand corner, search for Carolina Mountain Club. Add yourself as a fan when asked. You'll see other club members who are fans there as well. That's all there's to it. Join in the conversation.

All the other CMC communication vehicles will remain the same for now - the website, Let's Go and the eNews.

Other organizations that CMC interacts with are also on Facebook - A.T.C., Friends of the MST, Great Smoky Mountains Association and many more. Danny Bernstein and Stuart English, Facebook Administrators.

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