Carolina Mountain Club


Carolina Mountain Club administers a number of programs that challenge hikers to reach a collection of outdoor destinations:

1.  South Beyond 6000 (SB6K) - hiking 40 selected southeastern 6,000 foot peaks

2.  Lookout Tower Challenge (LTC) - hiking to 24 fire towers in WNC

3.  Pisgah 400 (P400) - hiking all 400 miles of trails in the Pisgah Ranger District

4.  Waterfall & Cascade 100 (WC100) - hiking to 100 of WNC's most spectacular waterfalls

5.  A.T.-MST Challenge - hiking the 92 miles of the AT and the 135 miles of the MST the CMC maintains

6. 100 Smokies Challenge - Hiking the top 100 hikes in the Smokies

6.  Youth Partner Challenge - established to introduce young people under 18 to hiking and the outdoors.

Take the challenge and start earning your patch! For addiitonal details refer to The Education/Outreach Tab.