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We love to hike and work on our beloved trails, and we want you to join us. You can check us out through several hikes with us, or you can join first by clicking on the Join button on our home page. Please contact the hike leader ahead of time if you’re not a member.

Please browse our web site to see other activities you might like. We’re a non-profit with no paid staff, so we depend on volunteers to keep our club going. We would welcome your help!


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YPC Hike with Horizons

YPC Hike with Horizons

YPC Hike with Horizons at Carolina Day School at Dupont

  • YPC Hike with Horizons

    YPC Hike with Horizons at Carolina Day School at Dupont

  • YPC Hike With Horizons

    Youth Partner Challenge Hikes help enrich the outdoor experience for youth and their families

  • Schoolhouse Falls

    School House Falls in Panthertown, one of many scenic waterfalls throughout the park.

  • Black Balsam to Shining Rock - Scheduled Hike

    Early morning group hike up to Shining Rock via Black Balsam along Art Loeb trail, November 2020. Greeted with the sun on an early morning hike. Photo courtesy of Sharon Smith

  • Pilot Mountain

    One of the great views of Pilot Mountain from the AT. Pilot Mountain is a great challenging hike, best done as a key swap.

  • Lane Pinnacle

    A good day on the trail, just wrapping up.

  • Approaching Shining Rock on the Art Loeb

    Approaching Shining Rock on the Art Loeb, early fall morning in full sun. Delightful!! Photo by Sharon Smith

  • Jump Off Mt Kephart

    Side trail on the back side of Mt Kephart in the Smokies to 'jump off' ledge for a great view of the valley and Charlie's Bunion on the upper right of the photo. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Clawhammer Mt

    A rowdy group on a chilly wintry day on the top of Clawhammer Mountain near Club Gap after lunch break. Phone by Jim Magura