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We love to hike and work on our beloved trails, and we want you to join us. You can check us out through several hikes with us, or you can join first by clicking on the Join button on our home page. Please contact the hike leader ahead of time if you’re not a member.

Please browse our web site to see other activities you might like. We’re a non-profit with no paid staff, so we depend on volunteers to keep our club going. We would welcome your help!

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If you use Instagram, follow CMC on Instagram. Cick on Links under the Explore Block on the right, then click on CMC Instagram.

How to Register for a Hike under Covid-19

During Covid-19, every scheduled CMC hike has a limit of ten hikers. To get a space on a hike, click on the hiking icon which appears on the first page that comes up after you login.Then click on Current Schedules. Click on the day of the week you wish to hike to get the schedule for the current quarter. Then scroll down to view the available hikes. When you find the ones you want, you must contact the leader via email to let them you want to be included on their hike. The leader will respond to let you know if you are on the “go list” or the “waiting list”. If you are put on the “waiting list”, the leader will contact you if one of the hikers drops out and leaves a space. Happy Hiking.

COVID19 Hiking Regulations

1) Bring hand sanitizer to use on the trail.

2) No sharing food and drink.

3) Avoid touching face.

4) Cover your mouth whenever coughing or sneezing using inner elbow or tissue and dispose of it using Leave No Trace Principles.

5) Keep some distance between you and other hikers. Six feet has been recommended by CDC.

6) People at higher risk for severe illness as noted by CDC should refrain from hiking at this time.

7) Any hike leader or hiker who is feeling sick should refrain from hiking and congregating with others.

8) Hikers and hike leaders should number no more than 10. This means hike leaders will have to take reservations for any hike they are leading.

9) No more carpooling. Everyone should drive themselves to the trail head unless they live in the same household.

10) Bring face covering to use when passing other hikers or when crowding occurs.

11) The CMC waiver must be signed. Hikers are responsible for their own safety and can use gloves, their own pen, hand sanitizer.


Black Balsam to Shining Rock - Scheduled Hike

Black Balsam to Shining Rock - Scheduled Hike

Early morning group hike up to Shining Rock via Black Balsam along Art Loeb trail, November 2020. Greeted with the sun on an early morning hike. Photo courtesy of Sharon Smith

  • Black Balsam to Shining Rock - Scheduled Hike

    Early morning group hike up to Shining Rock via Black Balsam along Art Loeb trail, November 2020. Greeted with the sun on an early morning hike. Photo courtesy of Sharon Smith

  • Approaching Shining Rock on the Art Loeb

    Approaching Shining Rock on the Art Loeb, early fall morning in full sun. Delightful!! Photo by Sharon Smith

  • Jump Off Mt Kephart

    Side trail on the back side of Mt Kephart in the Smokies to 'jump off' ledge for a great view of the valley and Charlie's Bunion on the upper right of the photo. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Schoolhouse Falls

    School House Falls in Panthertown, one of many scenic waterfalls throughout the park.

  • Yellow Lady Slipper

    A rare treat, a Yellow Lady Slipper on the Rough Creek Trail near Canton.

  • Clawhammer Mt

    A rowdy group on a chilly wintry day on the top of Clawhammer Mountain near Club Gap after lunch break. Phone by Jim Magura

  • Autumn 2019

    Autumn finally arrives, Late October 2019

  • Lunch Time

    A great view is always enjoyed, especially when having a lunch break and some chocolate.

  • Selfie Time

    It's always a good idea to take a picture of the friends that helped you scout a new hike.

  • Usual Suspects

    A familiar group often seen on the trail.

  • Pilot Mountain

    One of the great views of Pilot Mountain from the AT. Pilot Mountain is a great challenging hike, best done as a key swap.

  • Lane Pinnacle

    A good day on the trail, just wrapping up.

  • Approaching Storm

    A view of an approaching storm along the Art Loeb on a difficult wilderness hike.

  • Youth Partner Challenge

    Three new youth hikers receiving the Youth Partner Challenge Patch and Certificate. Congratulations to Camila, Belen and Isa!

  • Camino

    (CMC hikers travel far and wide) Lorraine and Judy) on the trail to Santiago via the traditional Camino