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We love to hike and work on our beloved trails, and we want you to join us. You can check us out through several hikes with us, or you can join first by clicking on the Join button on our home page. Please contact the hike leader ahead of time if you’re not a member.

Please browse our web site to see other activities you might like. We’re a non-profit with no paid staff, so we depend on volunteers to keep our club going. We would welcome your help!

Important Notice

I apologize for any confusion the recent posts may have caused. These are new "times" for all of us so please be patient and understanding as we deal with this. The council has voted to NOT resume CMC scheduled hikes at this time. We will continue to assess the situation on a regular basis. Our priority is to maintain the health and safety of everyone during the pandemic.

Debby Jones
President - CMC

Membership Extension

COVID-19 has impacted many trailheads and hiking in our area. Carolina Mountain Club would like to extend your membership for three months. When you renew your annual membership it will automatically be extended three months towards your renewal date. If you joined as new member thus far in 2020, your membership will also be extended three months before a re-newal prompt is sent to you. This is an automatic so there is nothing you need to do.  NOTE- when renewing your membership it is important to login with the ORIGINAL email you used when joining CMC.

Yellow Lady Slipper

Yellow Lady Slipper

A rare treat, a Yellow Lady Slipper on the Rough Creek Trail near Canton.

  • Yellow Lady Slipper

    A rare treat, a Yellow Lady Slipper on the Rough Creek Trail near Canton.

  • Clawhammer Mt

    A rowdy group on a chilly wintry day on the top of Clawhammer Mountain near Club Gap after lunch break. Phone by Jim Magura

  • Autumn 2019

    Autumn finally arrives, Late October 2019

  • Lunch Time

    A great view is always enjoyed, especially when having a lunch break and some chocolate.

  • Selfie Time

    It's always a good idea to take a picture of the friends that helped you scout a new hike.

  • Usual Suspects

    A familiar group often seen on the trail.

  • Pilot Mountain

    One of the great views of Pilot Mountain from the AT. Pilot Mountain is a great challenging hike, best done as a key swap.

  • Lane Pinnacle

    A good day on the trail, just wrapping up.

  • Approaching Storm

    A view of an approaching storm along the Art Loeb on a difficult wilderness hike.

  • Youth Partner Challenge

    Three new youth hikers receiving the Youth Partner Challenge Patch and Certificate. Congratulations to Camila, Belen and Isa!

  • Camino

    (CMC hikers travel far and wide) Lorraine and Judy) on the trail to Santiago via the traditional Camino