CMC OM - Hiking

Revised August 2021


CMC leads about 200 group hikes per year, maintains a database of over 900 hikes in our area, and has an education program for both hikers and hike leaders. The Hiking Committee is responsible for:

  • Assembling a hike schedule each quarter – including all scheduled hikes, backpacks, and Camporees (CMC’s camping weekend).
  • Publishing the schedule in both Let’s Go, the Club’s quarterly newsletter, and on the Club website.
  • Facilitating hikes on the CMC Meetup website page and ensuring Hike Leaders meet the criteria established by CMC Hiking Committee.
  • Collecting and retaining hike sign-up sheets ( for all official CMC hikes, or this may be found on the Club’s member site, by clicking on Hiking, then using the drop down under Hike Menu.
  • Maintaining and upgrading the Hikes Database on our website,
  • Maintaining and updating the hiker and hike leader guidelines (link) on the CMC website, including CMC policies on minors, pets, and service animals on hikes.
  • Recruiting and training new hike leaders, and
  • Organizing an annual Hike Leaders’ Appreciation and Education Dinner.


The Hiking page of the CMC website ( contains:

  • A home page, which suggests how to start hiking and a disclaimer on safety,
  • Current and past hike schedules,
  • Hike reports,
  • Information for hikers and hike leaders, and

The current membership of the Hiking Committee

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